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Shamulu - How nice and beautiful the feeling
of love! She is playful like a branch in the
breeze. He brought love letters in his pocket
buthe can't speak. How nice our time away
from the jealous one. - Moroccan muwasha
Ishwini Fik - You are fine, oh darling. He
tripped and fell; they say he is no good. He
doesn't work like other people do. He sits
on the carpet all day. They say he is with the
times, though. He has a pen in his pocket and
may God give him a brain! - Moroccan song



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Sound Samples

Beto Baharon - In the springtime, when the rain brings new life, is when I miss you the most. Remember when we sat by the river, just you and I, how we laughed and were so happy. Now all I have is the pain of our parting. I need to breathe the air that surrounds you. - Afghan song

Ya Shadil el Han - Let us hear beautiful melodies far into the night; let us have a drink. Your eyebrows are the banks and your forehead is the river. - Syrian Muwshaha

Hati Kass el Rah - Pour me a glass of wine, O you whose clear beauty has no match. Please be generous and give me a kiss .- Egyptian song

Dayate Maali - I lost my fortune. Peace be upon you. - Egyptian folk song

Li Youm Lilt L'Khmiss - It's Thursday night and the party is at my house. The bride and groom are here, let's rejoice for them and may God fulfill their dreams. Let's hear the zaghareet and may happiness be with them for life. The groom gave the bride a belt and gold coin necklace, what a beautiful gesture. Here is the bride, she is beautiful and she brings the light of God with her. - Moroccan folk song

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