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'Azara' l'Akhdar - In the green fields a
young man is walking, a young girl is sway-
ing. "He met me with a rose in his hand, his
eyes were speaking of love, he has been on
my mind, I hope he won't dissappoint me."
We sowed the seed of love and it grew. We
placed the apple and the pomegranite to
honor peace and love. It was fate,written in
the Book. He promised to talk to my father
and uncle; if my father agrees, I will agree
too. I've lived with him long enough! I'll
make a sweet rosewater drink for the guests.
- Egyptian song of the Fellahin



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For more info on the two following songs, visit: Voice of Roma

Kako Kolan - A young girl is asking: "Who has seen my red silk scarf and my silver belt?" A young man answers: "Never mind your silk scarf and your silver belt, let my arm wrap around your waist and we'll dance!" - Serbian Rom Song

Dive Nakela - My love left me; here I am: young, poor and lonely. Everyday I ask God to bring back my mother and father. O dear God, how could you do this to me? - Kosovo Rom Song

Le Rosier Blanc - A young maiden was walking under the white rose bush when threee young captains invited her into town. After dinner, she pretends to die to avoid spending the night with them. The captains resove to have prayers told to ensure her safe passage to Paradise and bury her in her father's rose garden. A few days later her fasther, while walking in the garden, hears a voice: "Please open the tomb if you love me, for I am just pretending to be dead." - French song from Brittany

Sella Fina - She pierced my heart with one glance; her silhouette is so graceful, and when she sings, she brings a bird into the garden. Her lips on the glass of wine will bring back to life the ones who were lost in love. - Muwasha from Syria

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